Welcome to our blog! I’m a Senior Data Scientist at the European Court of Auditors, with a long experience in Data Science, GeoAI, and Geospatial Analysis. My journey has been marked by extensive research and consultancy within National and EU policy-making frameworks, focusing on a wide array of topics from population dynamics to environmental studies. Alongside, my academic pursuits in Spatial Data Analysis and Advanced Statistical Modelling have fuelled my passion for teaching and applied research.

This space is dedicated to sharing insights from my research and introducing the open-source R libraries I’ve developed in the realm of GeoAI. It’s a blend of exploration, innovation, and practical application, aimed at those intrigued by the intersection of data science and geospatial analysis. Join me as we delve into the fascinating world of GeoAI, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing our understanding of the digital landscape.

Stamatis Kalogirou